Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bistro Has IT!!--Michigan

What an enjoyable experience The Bistro On the Boulevard provides.  Lush, plush, comfortable!   And St. Joseph on Lake Michigan really has it going. 

Dear friends invited me for lunch.   They suggested the Bistro and I had never been there.   Lived in that area in the late 70's, but things have changed in that beautiful hamlet. 

We began with a prompt server who seated us at a wonderful table with a view of Lake Michigan.  It was perfect to be setting inside with the air...but the open air patio on the second floor provides a beautiful view of scenery.

The Open Air Veranda is available for Seating and Dining

We began searching the inclusive menu, which I found out is very new.   Many summer favorites to choose from including the Chicken Curry Salad which was fresh and tasty.   Our other dining companions choose the Roasted Goat Cheese with crostata toast points.  Nice Lake Michigan fish dishes and I choose the Grilled Chicken on Ciabatta. This was accompanied with fries  or other sides.   I really wanted the fresh fruit cup and it was perfect.   Succulent cantaloupe and Michigan blueberries.  They know how to  do fresh fruits in Southwestern Michigan.     Wonderful food. 

As we were finishing our meal, the restaurant began to fill up rapidly...very rapidly.  Our waiter excused himself and informed us he had  a room service delivery since The Bistro is located in The Boulevard Inn.  That left the entire restaurant with what appeared to be one server who was moving very quickly...but still needed help.  He did his job...but if anyone was waiting for the check to return to work, it provided an awkward delay for them.   We were not in a hurry...but twice we had to remind him as he passed our table it was time to pay our ticket.

Beautiful Entrance to Great Dining


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