Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chandler's Deli--Knoxville, TN

I don't get to East Knoxville much...but when I do...

we head to Chandler's Deli!

Stopped by today and was greeting by a packed restaurant at 130 PM.  Thought I might have to order take out...but a couple of tables opened up.  They were not clean..but I grabbed it anyway and wiped it down with the paper towels.    

Chandler's BBQ is so the smokey flavor and the meaty ribs.   Today was a pulled pork sandwich, french fries and slaw.  

Everything  made at Chandler's is great...and they even are Knoxville's Award Winning Soul Food restaurant many years in a row.  

Cafeteria Style Ordering

One of my favorite things is the pulled pork sandwich.   Love the pork but the "white bread bun" just doesn't hold up...falls apart and you end up eating your sandwich with a fork.   Doesn't matter since its all good, no matter how you get it in your mouth.  

Seasoned Fries..made to order!

Creamy Cole Slaw

The famous Pulled Pork Sandwich
Love the food...but the entire dining room is a little messy.  But...that being said, you soon forget about that and dig into some of the best.    Never got to the fried chicken...and everyone raves about it.   Never had had the chicken...but there will be a "next time" real soon.  

Busy Place....all the time!!  

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