Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eli's Table--Charleston, SC

We arrived in Charleston ready to depart on the Carnival Fantasy Cruise, February 4, 2012.   The week long adventure was great but we also had some extra time exploring the city and the beautiful aquarium at the waterfront.  

We couldn't embark until 12:30PM and it was time for breakfast.  Urbanspoon provided many suggestions and our choice was Eli's Table in the heart of downtown.  

Lively Street Scene

Upon arriving, we were immediately seated at a lovely table by a street side window where we could enjoy the city view.  Our server suggest the cocktail of the day...a Bacon Infused Vodka with bacon bits and celery stick.  Nice..but one was plenty to start the day.  

On to our breakfast selections.   Omelets are featured and they all looked great but we decided on the The Phillis Wheatley Omelet at $8.95 which featured roasted peppers, onions, spicy sausage and cheddar cheese.   My choice was The Mark Twain Omelet at $10.95 featured fresh crab, plum tomatoes, ricotta cheese and fresh herbs.    Our server asked what we would like with our plates offering grits, breakfast potatoes or toast.     I was under the impression that EVERY egg plate would have toast but not at Eli's.  In my forty plus years of breakfast dining, toast always has been included...just like a glass of water.  

You get grits, potatoes OR toast.  Oh well.....I wasn't willing to pay $2.25 for toast!


The Phillis Wheatly Omelet with Grits

The Mark Twain Omelet with Breakfast Potatoes
 All in all...this was a good breakfast and returning for
lunch and dinner would be a future destination.
I am still stunned about the toast deal!