Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blue Heaven--Key West

This is the Way to.....

Blue Heaven!!!!  I haven't been here in eight or more years and was so excited to see the Carnival Fantasy's itinerary would be stopping for the day.  I have been waiting for this lunch for more than six months of booking our cruise out of Charleston.  

My last meal at Blue Heaven was quite the experience.   If you have never been there, it is a different say the least.   You can dine indoors but the real fun is dining outdoors in the patio....sand on your feel and picnic tables for everyone to enjoy.  Kind of like Jimmy Buffett gone gourmet dining.  As a matter of fact, Bon Appétit has reviewed Blue Heaven on a couple of occasions.     This is outstanding food in a very Key West atmosphere and the entire event will always be remembered...including the roosters in the yard.   And the roosters are just as famous as the six toed cats from the Hemingway House.   Find the hostess station...put in your name and depend on a 45 minutes wait any time of breakfast, lunch or dinner.


We browsed all the hot shops on Duval street and by the time we made it to Bahama Village, it was time to get in line.   The patio bar scene is lively with many guests chatting and enjoying the wonderful weather.    After our traditional wait, we were seated at a nice table and our server approached.  Drinks delivered while we looked over the menu.  

The Garden Path to the Patio

Black Bean Soup

Our server dropped off the menu and it was the same old thing...what will I ever order?  Everything is always so good.   My usual dining technique kicks into gear.   I tell my server SURPRISE ME....with your choice.   That always is a treat to do.  I never know exactly what I will get but I can be sure it will be great.  

The Caesar Salad

The Jerk Chicken Sandwich with Cole Slaw
The Shrimp with Lime Hollandaise
Our server didn't let us down this time either.  We started with the wonderful Black Bean Soup followed by the Caesar Salad, missing the croutons and the Jerk Chicken Sandwich.  Great flavors.   I started with my Shrimp with Rice and asparagus.  So good...just like usual.  The shrimp was perfectly cooked as you can see, since over cooked shrimp will form a "circle with their tails while properly cooked shrimp will remain in the "C" shape.   Send that shrimp back with you receive it in a full is over cooked and will be tough.  

We finished our lunches but couldn't resist a piece of their famous Key Lime Pie.  It was very good...but I must admit, I can make a very good pie myself!!  My version is here!

We Enjoyed another meal...and
until next time....

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