Friday, November 11, 2011

Plum Tree--Knoxville

The Plum Tree in Knoxville is more of a fixture than anyone could imagine.  This little treasure as been here for longer than I can recall and I have NEVER been to dine.  Today was the day. 

The Iconic Roof Sign
Let's be honest...The Plum Tree Chinese Restaurant is in a small and  rather shabby building.  It appears that it might have been an old fast food drive thru restaurant but upon entering, I found it charming and cozy.  

The booths are very comfortable and I have found out the doors on the booths have been removed.   From past comments, each booth used to have privacy doors that closed and you had your own intimate dining space.  I loved that idea. 

After looking at the menu, I soon discovered that Plum Tree is much more than a "Chinese" restaurant.   They feature many Far East cuisines including Thai, Authentic Chinese and Malaysian food.  A Vegetarian selection was also expansive.  

The Lunch Menu was my choice for the day.    You choose your "main ingredient" which includes vegetable, chicken, pork, tofu, shrimp and beef.  Then you can choose your style and sauce including, Szechuan, kung pao, curry and a long list to choose from.   Included with  your choice is egg roll or soup.  I choose the the Hot and Sour Soup....a terrific full flavored soup with the addition of a little salt at the table. 

A very large bowl for $1.75...what a deal. 

My entrée today was Twice Cooked Pork with Brown Rice.  
It was served promptly and very hot. My server was always on the spot with service.  

Twice Cooked Pork with Rice for $6.75
The Plum Tree will be a restaurant that I never over look again.   
I loved the flavors....the preparations and the whole experience.  
They are living up to their long and sustained reputation.  

The Street Marquee

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