Friday, November 11, 2011

Carver Applehouse--Newport, TN

We have been blessed with a beautiful Fall Season here in East Tennessee.   Our "color trip" took Miss G and I to the Newport area.   What a great day road trip.

The highlight was stopping at Carver Applehouse Restaurant located on the Cosby Highway.  

The Applebarn

The Entrance took Us to a VERY large dining room. 

The View from the expansive Dining Room Windows
was incredible....what a vista to enjoy
while enjoying lunch.  

Carver's Restaurant features a daily special and a full service breakfast, lunch and dinner choices.  We decided on the daily special of BBQ pork sandwich with fries or slaw.    Miss G chose the sandwich with slaw and I chose the sandwich with fries...then we could split our included side dish.    Also included for $7.75 was our beverage and dessert. 

The pork was sweeter than I would expect but remained a moist and tender sandwich.  Fries were crispy and hot....and the cole slaw was crisp and well chilled.  I really enjoyed the kind of semi-tart creamy dressing.

After our tasty lunch, our server returned to our table with our brownie for dessert...moist and dense.   A nice touch to finish our lunch.

After lunch, it was time to head to their Apple barn to pick up a few things.....including a half bushel of apples and a nice cheese pumpkin for a pie.  I had never heard of a cheese pumpkin, but it takes this name since it looks like a wheel of cheese.  We couldn't resist a jar or apple and peach butter made on premises.  I have never seen so many apple varieties before...incredible selection.    The one thing I did notice is that the apples were fresh picked...not like the waxed and polished apples in the grocery. 

We couldn't leave without our freshly made Fried Apple Pies! 

A great afternoon and I will be returning to Carver's the next time in Cosby, TN....well worth the trip.  Carver's will be featuring a Thanksgiving Day Feast that looks well worth the trip for anyone here in East Tennessee.  

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