Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rockwood Street Grill--Rockwood

Restaurant CLOSED

A small photo excursion and shopping trip took me to Rockwood, TN today.   Such a charming little hamlet!   Three or four antique shops featured a nice selection. Since I hadn't been to Rockwood before, we asked the antique vendors about eating lunch.  Three out of four recommended Rockwood Street Grill on the "main drag". 

The Daily Specials
Upon entering, the hostess immediately escorted me to a table and returned with my beverage.  Just moments later, my server appeared to tell me about the lunch specials.  They offered four entreés with two sides for $6.49.   Now that is a deal!    Summer still oppresses East Tennessee and I wanted something "cooler".  

On to the Salad Entreés.  Rockwood Street Grill offers the usual offerings...taco salad, chicken salad, chef salad...all the usual choices.  Sandwich selection remains typical.  Burgers, BLT, Philly Cheese, Hot Dog.   All sandwiches are in the $4.99 to $7.99.  Good prices.    I had to look at the dinner selection which featured a Ribeye Steak  for $16.99, Hamburger Steak for $10.99, Grilled Pork Chop $11.99, also Catfish, Shrimp, and Chicken. 

Pauline's Chicken Salad

I choose Pauline's Chicken Salad for $7.99.  It featured the signature chicken salad made from freshly cooked chicken and garnished with peach half, pineapple slice and served with their cranberry banana bread with a cream cheese filling.  I must add the cream cheese filling was nothing more than a "whisper" of filling.  I couldn't taste the cream cheese.  The chicken salad was well prepared but needed table seasonings.  For the price, it was a good value.  

Main Dining Room
The main dining room was clean, tidy and well maintained.   The truth is this dining room has all the charm and intimacy of a church basement  dining hall. The all brick interior was cold;  too bright, very glaring and no personality.   Over would deserve more lunch return visits but the evening ambiance would be  a major drawback.  

Rockwood Street Grill is open 
Tuesday-Saturday, 11AM to 8PM 
Sunday 11AM-2PM   Closed Monday  
Visa/MC accepted 

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