Saturday, August 20, 2011


A Knoxville Landmark
Getting downtown is an unusual event for me.  Today provided the opportunity.  Miss S and I decided that neither of us had been to Chesapeake's in quite a while.  I believe I was there about three years ago to celebrate a birthday.  

The Foyer at Chesapeake's
Upon arrival, I see this landmark has remained the same.  Nautical theme...something you might see at the beach.  The water view at this destination.  Love the food here but a nice water view would seal the deal.  

We looked the over the menu and it also has remained the same.   One constant at Chesapeake's is their Crab Bisque.  Velvet texture on a delicious.    The Dinner Menu features the old standards.    We were immediately seated with the Lunch Menu.   It looked as it did the last time I dined.  The Special of the Day menu had more interesting selections than the typical fried shrimp plate. 

The Asian Seafood Salad

A delicious fresh and crisp Asian Seafood Salad for $14 featured shrimp and scallops.  A very good Kung Pao dressing accompanied the salad.  The dressing was rich with ginger, garlic and a moderate "pepper" bite.  

Seafood Stuffed Tomato with Fruit
My Seafood Stuffed Tomato for $10 was very good.  Nice salad greens and very good fruit.  The seafood stuffing was well seasoned and flavorful.  The "local" tomato missed the mark.  Looked pretty but remained flavorless.  Not sure how local this tomato was but it wasn't from Grainger County.  

Chesapeake's remains a mainstay in Knoxville Seafood dining.  Enjoyable and you could feel comfortable dressed for the evening or just as welcome on a hot afternoon for lunch in flops and shorts.    Lunch Monday to Friday with Dinner served nightly.

Beautiful Aquariums frequent the Dining Room