Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hurricane Restaurant--St. Pete Beach

A charming hostess greeted our party of four and immediately sat us at a small four top.  It would have been crowded for two, but we were next to the window and a very accommodating window ledge accepted our personal belongings. 

Without concern for speed, our server approached and asked for our drink order.  We placed our order and requested water for all.  Immediately, he returned with our waters.     And we waited for our drink order.   It didn’t arrive in a timely manner, so we continued to wait.   And then the loud crash was heard out of our view.   Time passed and he finely returned to our table to inform us that “noise” was our drink order.   So we waited while a threesome was seated immediately next to us.  Their orders were promptly delivered….then their food and we were still waiting for our drink order.    The drink order finally arrived after another lengthy wait.   If this would have been my call, The Hurricane would have at least offered complimentary drink service since we didn’t appear to be that important to the whole scheme of things.  If my tray of drinks had been spilled, the restaurant would have stopped until the drinks where refilled. 

Finally the drinks arrived and the orders were taken.  Meanwhile, the three top finished their food and requested their bill.  They promptly paid and left the restaurant.  So much for lackluster service….one count against this tourist trap. 

The Hurricane claims to be world famous for their grouper.  OK….I am ready for a grouper whatever.  We ordered a small grouper sandwich, a large grouper sandwich, (MKT price, but I didn’t inquire), a crab melt sandwich stacked on a slice of Cuban bread.   Our food did arrive hot and freshly prepared.   The French fries were good, Cole slaw chilled and crisp, and the cup of seafood tomato based soup was good. 

Then the shock arrived.   We received our bill to find out that margarita drink specials were 10 dollars each for an ordinary pre-made cocktail.  Even more shocking was the large grouper sandwich and the price tag was twenty bucks…….for a damn sandwich!!   I was absolutely shocked at the price.    OK…I learned my expensive lesson about not asking the price before ordering.    The total tab came close to 100 bucks for lunch…quite excessive for an average sandwich and fries.     Guess next time I will bypass the “tourist hype” and choose lunch based on what the locals prefer. 

Cup of Seafood Bisque--Six Bucks 
Grilled Grouper Sandwich at $17 bucks 
The Crab Melt
The Twenty Dollar Sandwich....too pricey for my tastes.  Where's the fish???

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