Monday, February 28, 2011

Bistro 109--Sevierville

We found a Sevierville Gem!  

A great lunch and beautiful interior design...
..and that is important to me.  I love comfortable surroundings.  

When I first read about Bistro 109 last year in our local paper, I knew this was a place I really wanted to try.  The traveling distance is out of my usual lunch haunts, but having to make a special trip to Sevierville confirmed that we were going to dine today.    And I sure am glad that we did.  

I made my reservation with OPEN TABLE RESERVATIONS service that is available on line.   I really like this service and suggest you try it soon.  The booking service is free and you get an immediate confirmation number when you book.  I like the service and hope to see more restaurateurs participate in the reservation system.  

Lunch begins at 11AM and we arrived just as they were opening.  Our server immediately greeted us and took our drink order and delivered fresh rolls with a pesto dip.  It was tasty but I did sprinkle a little salt on the dip.  

Lots of interesting things to choose...but nothing too fancy...just good choices to suit any palette.   The Chicken Salad on English Muffin at $8 featured slow roasted chicken with celery, grapes, fresh herbs, pecans and red onion with a light lemon mayo.   I though the Salad was a little on the dry side and would have enjoyed a little more mayo to bind all.  The plate was finished with very good sweet potato fries and a beautiful fruit garnish.   

Chicken Salad Plate with Fruit
Miss Susan ordered the Fish and Chips at $7.  A nice battered portion of deep fried Alaskan Pollock and also served with sweet potato fries and a tangy tartar sauce. 

Alaskan Deep Fried Pollock and Chips

Bistro 109 features a variety of beers, but the Sevierville County liquor laws are antiquated to say the least.   But you are free to bring in your favorite bottle of wine or liquor and mixes.   Lunch served 11-3PM and Dinner hour begins at 5PM.   The Fabulous Saturday and Sunday Brunch Hours run 11 until 2PM.  Nice choices for a comfortable brunch.  

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