Sunday, September 18, 2016

Don Edwardo's Revisit!

Another Great Evening!
We need to get to Don Edwardo's more often....their food is very good.  Most of the time, we end up in Loudon County at one of the many Mexican choices they provide.  Last night, I had to remark how the  portion sizes at Don Edwardo's were so much larger than we were accustomed to in Loudon County.  The prices were the same...actually a little less for our total bill.  The complimentary tortilla chips basket and salsa bowl were always full.  And the Top Shelf Margarita Pitcher was outstanding also.  
 The guacamole featured large chunks of avocado...and spiced just right.  
 Beef, Chicken and Shrimp HOT & Spicy Burrito was great.  
The Vegetarian Plate
 Chimichanga with Pork...not on the Menu but they always 
make this special request for me.  
 And One of their spectacular dishes.......
 Fajita Molcajte!!   Served with Cactus
I had never had this with Cactus but I really enjoyed their presentation.  
You can find Don Edwardo's open every day for lunch and dinner.   Of course, a full service bar is provided for your enjoyment.  
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