Friday, December 27, 2013

Wisteria Southern Gastropub

There is nothing better than finding a 
locally owned restaurant on Urbanspoon.  
 I had never been to Morganton and it was lunchtime.   

While on the road traveling from Knoxville, TN to Raleigh, NC, the lunch hour put me at the Morganton, NC exit.  I looked around and saw all the familiar fast food chains and know that was not going to be my choice today.  My Urbanspoon mobile app helped me find Wisteria.  

I arrived about 11:30 and they had just opened.   It was Saturday and the Brunch was being featured.  My server, Cecil, approached quickly and offered a freshly made Mimosa or Bloody Mary.  Had to pass on that since I was driving, but they sure looked good.  He presented the Menu for my approval and brought out two very nice muffins to enjoy.  

I suggested that Cecil surprise me with his 
favorite menu items.   He didn't disappoint me.  

Wisteria Breakfast
The Wisteria Breakfast featured Eggs with Cheese, Stone Ground Grits, bacon and a biscuit.  The grits were outstanding....loved them.    Cecil also surprised me with something I have never heard of....LIVERMUSH!   I have had lots of different things to eat but this one stumped me.  As we talked, I found out it is a regional delicacy.   A combination of ground liver and cornmeal, pan fried.   At first, I thought it was a slice of pumpernickel bread.  It was a very different side dish, but I found out I did like it.  Always been a braunschweiger fan and this tasted just like it.    


Nice Interior

I enjoyed by brunch and would stop back again to
enjoy more of the menu.    Thanks for serving 
me a great local meal.  

Wisteria Southern Gastropub on Urbanspoon