Saturday, April 13, 2013

Red Lobster--Perry, GA

Returning from Tampa, the half way point back home is Perry, GA.   We have stopped here many times and have enjoyed many a meal.  Red Lobster, once again, is a dependable destination.

We began our dinner with drinks and the Sweet Chili Shrimp...a dozen 
hand-battered shrimp tossed in a spicy chili sauce. 

 On this stop, I noticed the Four Course Feast for $15.99.  

Other entreés included

Jumbo Coconut and Pineapple-Grilled Shrimp
Shrimp-and-Scallop Alfredo with fresh tomatoes
Hand-Breaded Shrimp
Wood-Grilled Fresh Tilapia
Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo
Wood-Grilled Chicken with Portobello Wine Sauce
Wood-Grilled Pork Chop* with apple compote
Roasted Vegetable Skewers with lemon-garlic beurre blanc
Garlic-Grilled Shrimp

Shrimp-and-Scallop Alfredo with fresh tomatoes

 The Lobster Fest menu featured Lobster/Shrimp Tacos and a Lobster tail.  
Loved the slaw on the tacos.....very bright flavor and 
the lobster tail was outstanding, though small.  

The Key Lime Pie served with TWO forks!!

Red Lobster is consistent and reliable.   This location
is what I would expect at any Red Lobster. 
I would return knowing a good deal will be enjoyed. 

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