Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darrow's Family Restaurant--Mackinaw City

Darrow's Family Restaurant has been a Mackinaw City main stay since 1957.   

Four generations have been making scratch made food since they opened.  

This was my first trip for breakfast and the restaurant was almost empty, but then again, the "season" hadn't started in Mackinaw City. 

Our Server greeted and delivered coffee to the table.  After browsing the menu, it didn't take long to make a decision.     We placed our order with the server and they didn't write it down...but we assumed it would be correct.    Our egg preference was mixed up in the kitchen, and our server suggested that we return the plates to the kitchen.  I said no to that, (learned long ago not to return ANYTHING to the kitchen)  and we swapped the eggs at the table.  All the food was good but the hash brown potatoes were a little short on flavor.   Everything was as good as you would expect in a diner setting.  Nothing exceptional but good food at a very reasonable price. 

Scrambled, Sausage and Toast $6.99
Over Easy, Hash Browns, Bacon and Toast $8.49
Pleasant Dining Room

Save your Fork...There's PIE!
We didn't order the pie...but the temptation was there!   They all looked so good 
but we had to get back on the road for more travel. 

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