Thursday, January 6, 2011

Backfin Blue Cafe--Gulfport

This has to be my third trip to Backfin Blue.....and I kept coming back for a reason.....good, unpretentious seafood!

Every time, we are greeted with a friendly, accommodating host.   We request our table and they always seat us in the most comfortable seat in the house.  

On this evening, it was a little warmer than  the last visit.  We were escorted to the patio with the curtains dropped for our comfort.   Our server was quick to approach our table and strived to make our dinner wonderful.    First, we needed a few beverages to quench our ravenous thirst.      After all, a busy day at the beach can drain you!  Cocktails and beers of various regions were suggested, including Asian beers and a couple from the Rockies, including Durango beer.    Sorry to say, after a couple, our server had to inform us that we had drank the last of that selection and we should choose another beer selection.   My choice would have been for her to get on her bicycle and go down to the neighborhood quick-mart and buy another six pack for us to enjoy.  But we did survive with her next beer suggestion. 

But on to the appetizers....and my choice was the Crab Nachos.   Accompanied with the Durango Beer, they were enjoyed by everyone!  

And on to our entrees!!  

Artichoke and Tomato Salad

Portobello Imperial....Heaven on a Plate!

The Chef's Special---Ahi Tuna

Grilled Salmon with Cream Crab Topping

Once again, our food and service was an exceptional event.   Can't wait to return to my favorite restaurant in Gulfport...Backfin Blue Cafe will make the trip worth every minute of travel.  

Great Patio Dining

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